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Who said it was wrong to play with food? Certainly not the young Idafrosk, professional photographer and especially big fan of cooking. His real name Ida Skivenes, this Norwegian artist is indeed what one might call “creative cooking“.

Discovery on Instagram in 2012, it has the idea to publish each morning a photo of his breakfast: plates that also eat well with eyes with fingers.

Vegetarian and delicious, Idafrosk think the meal as being both fun, good and healthy. In his hands, a simple pancake takes tunes still life and apple wedges are sketched in childish smiles on faces crumbofbread.

Today, with more than 200,000 followers” on his Instagram account, its success has only just begun. She recently released her first cookbook entitled “Playful Breakfaststhe Norwegian editions Kontur, and the subject of numerous international collaborations with culinary magazines or disposals workshops, one with the Parisian boutique Colette.


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By Anne WAAS

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