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Art de vivre en famille

Online Lectures: The Art of Living Family From Tuesday 14 to Sunday, October 19

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14 experts at home to support the family in their daily lives, free web conferencing!

Simple tools and practices that respond to current concerns: balanced life, adolescence, family, children, educational benchmarks, education.
Some examples of experts who will take a moment to pass on their experience:

Michael Stora, a psychologist specializing in digital worlds. He will present his vision of “what are video games?

Valérie DUBAN is an experienced practitioner of the various learning disabilities, the “dys”. This year, it will tell us everything we need to know about Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity (ADHD) to provide optimal lesfamilles affected by this situation.

Jeanne SIAUD-FACCHIN, clinical psychologist is author of numerous books and research articles. It will put us on the track to know What prevents him from succeeding in school?

To discover the other 11 experts and know everything about the event:
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