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A Couture Fashion Night under the sign of peace – Part 1/2

Three evenings dedicated to fashion and twelve talented creators, these are the ingredients that have made the 4th Couture Fashion Night (FNC) an exceptional vintage.

9, 10 and 11 August this year, the hotel Clerjotte Saint Martin de Ré has taken his clothes light fitting welcome for this extravaganza of colors and materials devoted to high fashion. Faced with many festival goers came and obviously happy to be there, the organizers have declined no less than a dozen different worlds. Through atmospheres cabaret or Arabian Nights, the designers invited delighted the audience with models ranging from the cocktail dress to the dress wood, to resolutely futuristic creations. African-inspired prints, fine lace, taffeta, silk and feathers sublimated original collections with names: “Nervous Conditions“, “Like a Butterfly“, “Illumination”

Under the sign of peace, and staging thinking and orchestrated by the promoter of the event, Philippe Noël, president of Millennium Concept, the first evening was a tribute to Nelson Mandela. Following the event, couture and glam, revealed young designers, but also to find the creators confirmed as the popular Palestinian Madhi Hindi (Hindi Couture) that was already part of last year. This is the sublime Rebecca Ayoko, Ambassador of the FNC, which presented in style, the first lace dress signed Hindi Couture. A surprise and a delight for all spectators!

Every night, all the festival-goers, more partners, sponsors, dynamic dancers trio “The Maryline‘s” models and the press were invited to the “Village of the partners” in the garden at the back of the Clerjotte hotel. Moments of conviviality, sharing and exchange, of course, but mostly, just to remember that fashion is also a wonderful social link that is woven yarn needle.

By FP.

The weekend of August 30th discover the rest of the story, with 3 to 6 issues creators of the FNC 2014

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