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Derma Perfect for flawless skin!

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A peachy complexion in a jiffy … The new range of cosmetic face Esthetic Center, Skin Perfect, gives a glow to the skin for a 100% natural look and an even complexion. Imperfections are erased smoothly to reveal a sublime skin. A ritual of daily beauty!

Sérum multi action perfection

A serum to treat skin deep Multi Action perfection Serum is used daily, before a day cream and night, visible results from the first applications. It reduces the tasks and redness, enlarged pores and fighting smooth facial features *, thanks to a cocktail of active ingredients. A resin derived from pistachio to diminish the appearance of pores. A unique combination of an encapsulated active and a soft focus, which reflects the light to improve the appearance and smooth the skin. Stabilized vitamin C to reduce the work and a combination of peptides to stimulate the production of collagen. FP like this serum to the pleasant citrus scent.

The role of CC protective cream SPF 30 is to even out skin tone, with its new generation pigments, bare skin for a dramatic effect. His natural beige color and light texture allows optimal coverage imperfections. Care has an antioxidant action, generated by a vitamin E derivative to fight against free radicals. The epidermis is also preserved through a UV sun protection factor 30 Care applies daily after the day cream, like a reflex to protect the skin beauty.

The perfection multiplayer action Serum and CC protective cream SPF 30 are for those with chronic skin imperfections. In addition to sublimate the skin, they have an anti-aging action of fine lines and wrinkles early prevention. A real beauty treatment to regain a radiant complexion fishing and flawless skin!

We will soon talk of you “care 5 continents Aesthetics Center. A marvel qu’FP tested it for you.

By FP.

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