Que « faire » avec nos émotions

What to do with our emotions?

Accompanying people now for a number of years, it made me realize that the emotions were too often a great unknown to many people.

I have long felt myself to be the plaything of my emotions tumbled without warning when I was not expecting them!

The worst was when I started to let go of control, it was as if I had opened a valve that arose more abruptly and that I could absolutely not manage!

Then came a time when I really felt let them circulate, but looking back now it makes me smile. I was kind of forced to live but I had no acceptance against my emotions. I was putting a lot of pressure and every emotion was seen as a sign of weakness. Gradually I understood the difference between “having to let out” and welcome them…

The welcome of the inner child

Let’s take a simple example.

You just change your haircut, all your friends love it, and you are very proud  to parade in front of your man who simply asks what is there to eat not even seeing your new haircut!

You do bite your brake during the meal, and when you get out of your new you’re your chocolate cake and the whole family eats as if it were a frozen cake, without even a thank you, then you cry a lot and go to bed with desperation.

Tears flow and you like living your emotion except that you have not touched its origin … The emotion remained at the surface because it is the adult who cry …
Why don’t you search the origin? What if there was a little girl in you whose father was so busy with his own problems that he never had time to see you dance, play tennis, sing for example?

And that emotion begins to descend deep into your muscles and you breathe inside experiencing KINDNESS for that little girl you were.

You listen vibrationally this emotion that you “wrap” if you have trouble wrapping imagine a person who takes you in his/her arms.

And there alchemy can take place because the child in you that has perhaps never been heard on the subject feels heard and understood.

We are often afraid to go down to us for fear of becoming victims. But a victim is just the opposite. A victim asks others to take over his emotions. Here we are the opposite.

You are the adult and the child together! Breathing helps emotion to circulate in the body, to live a decrystallization. The energy dimension is important here so you can wrap the emotion and it will be able to circulate.

Dreams can also provide support when you  wake up and listen to your deep emotion.

What to “do” with anger?

When you are angry the process is similar, but demand against whom the anger is directed at the origin.

It is also down in relation to the earth energies into her pelvis and her legs to contact the rage behind that anger.

Once you’re down in the pool, I invite you to imagine that you wrap rage so that it rises along your central channel, as the energy of the *Kundalini.

Thus, when the plexus and throat are unlocked, the energy can go up and then anger turns into power and assertiveness, and you can say and come the “stop”. Psychocorporels of movements can help when armor is too large.

When it comes to the heart, prevented from crossing the throat, it turns into a kind of “defensive barking” which is just a disguised form of impotence, often tinged with guilt.

If it turns round the pelvis it creates symptoms and other diseases in this area (ovarian cysts, abdominal pain or cancer of the uterus or prostate …).

It is also interesting to see which packages were short in our family: what emotions were authorized or not.

So we can protect anger sadness and vice versa.

Sometimes when you listen to an emotion, another is right behind, as an emotional sandwich …

Emotional submergements

When you are in a period of emotional submergement is that your subconscious invites you to a descent.

The unconscious like appointments and you will see that it respects them. This is a good way to continue to manage life in periods “when you are being tested”.” So go and  give your unconscious an appointment  at a fixed time!

And then you can write or listen to your emotion, drawing, as you want: it allows to drop you in good conditions and to live “normally” the rest of the time!

If submergement returns at a time in the day and you are not in a position to manage it you  just have to remember the appointment to your unconscious reassuring it about the fact that it will be listened to.

* Kundalini is an energy coiled at the bottom of the spine, represented as a serpent and awakening amount along the chakras in spiritual practices or other psychological unblocking.

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