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Feng shui

Feng shui : A 100% Deco Zen

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What better way to find a zen interior that exudes well-being and serenity after a hard day? Feng shui (note: wind and water). Ancient Chinese discipline invites you to offer you zen

It aligns the energy of a place to promote the well being of what lives there. This method encourages the integration in your environment objects that will embody your interests, desires and hopes. In addition, Feng Shui will help you achieve physical, moral and intellectual fullness by acting on the judicious management of your environment.

An interior Feng shui what is it?

The hall is the main point of energy input of your home. So remember to lighten up the room and not overloading. Make sure to keep the room well ventilated while avoiding clutter the shoes.

The lounge is a centerpiece to the extent that it is within it that the whole family together. Choose comfortable furniture and consider adding a lamp or light directed upwards. This will boost the atmosphere. If you have worn furniture remember to cover.

For dining, choose the round and oval tables because it encourages communication. Choose high-backed chairs, spanning shoulders. This provides a sense of security and protection. To you the zen decor!

Two books for more information :

La décoration Feng shui
« La décoration Feng shui, le bien-être dans votre maison » de Stephen Skinner, aux Éditions Dessain et Tolra
Styles Feng Shui
« Styles Feng Shui, conseils pratiques pour aménager une maison qui vous ressemble » de Vanessa Boren, aux Éditions de la Martinière

By Maya Duringer

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