Catherine Preljocaj

“Happiness for an orange is not to be an apricot”

Some would say it’s a dog’s life than to live what she has experienced.

But after reading this book, you will discover the true meaning of resilience .

From the Latin verb resilio “jump back”, hence “bounce resist” (shock, deformation). “Resilience is a psychological phenomenon that is for individuals affected by trauma, to take note of the traumatic event to not live in depression and rebuild. Resilience is made ​​possible through the early structuring of the personality, through constructive childhood experiences (before the confrontation with potentially traumatic events) and sometimes by reflection, or speech, more rarely by management of medical a therapy. “(Wikipedia)

To summarize very briefly, resilience is the ability to transform the horror into something beautiful. Simple you might say, this definition? No, when life is bent, you must learn to stand at any cost, and this is what an unusual heroine did. By sharing his life story in a moving book with a simple, light pen at a time. When his name is mentioned, some people on the sublime vibrations within us when we are very interested in dance and choreography. She’s an artist who makes dance words with incredible accuracy. This is an Amazon of another time, another world. Her name evokes purity. KHATAROS in Greek means pure, it is the essence of the name Catherina. I’m talking about Catherine Preljocaj. Author of several books including “Happiness for orange is not to be an apricot” (Editions’ pockets Youth. “Preface by Jean-Louis Servan-Schreiber.)

Catherine Preljocaj was Head pub for a large weekly and communications officer for the first festival “Eurockeennes” Belfort. In this book, it shows all about his illness. At 30, she was suddenly diagnosed with lymphoma with a stomach tumor. This entails the removal of two-thirds of the stomach followed by chemotherapy. In true fighter, she decided to explore all avenues that can lead to understanding the “inner” and “outer” of his illness, his career but also his life story and inevitably to the family constellation to which it belongs . Her journey is long and powerful at once. She discovers the true power it has at birth but also by the specific acts that pose a daily basis. The energy that inhabits comes in part from his ancestors … Facing the inevitable, she defies life and explores its origins while nursing. So she cares and is interested in his illness, that are proposed medical solutions. All avenues will be explored thoroughly and enlightenment will be waiting for you when it understands and strongly stated that she wants to live. She heals what crab devoured, then launches with strength and determination in a personal research and training in personal development for a good twenty years. It ceased operations in 2008 as a consultant I will not say more, and if you imagine only through these words I disclosed this course; you are far from reality. Marrow is in no way revealed and you can check it by reading this author. You will see that the reign of silence does not lessen the suffering …

In some cultures, the position of women is horrible. His, was no better. Born into a family of Albanian origin, she bathed and lived under the weight of parts of that culture. I would not sell the bit, I let you discover … just aware that people in Vanuatu believe that this is what is hidden, which gives power to the disease. Some believe that the mistakes made by parents can affect their children. When a child is sick, parents are suspected of quarreling or bad behavior. Apart from the disease, social disorder, depending on the severity, can cause infertility own garden, country or even bring disaster. Harmony can not be found without the acknowledgment of sin and asking for forgiveness.

Often the reign of silence imposed or suffers destroyed entire families by the absence of dialogue, the unspoken resentments violently suppressed. It is through courage and determination that human beings can visit its history and deeply understand why a particular event occurs in his life. Catherine Preljocaj knew how this research with pure thoughts and real actions. It is a reference common knowledge today in the world of personal development. She understood the meaning of his trials and of course, as there is no joy to be happy alone; she shares her experience through a journey that will give many readers with useful answers. Some human beings are more kinesthetic rather hearing. You can choose between paperback in Jouvance and DVD Audio (with the voice of Catherine Preljocaj) recently published Stanké Publishing.

A title to remember: “Happiness for orange is not to be an apricot.” Both are available on all French sites.

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By Aïssatou Kourouma

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