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Hemp: precious vegetable oil

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Originally from Asia, hemp is one of the first plants domesticated by man. It was after the conquests and migrations it arrives in Europe and in America. Hemp is primarily used for its fibers used to make clothing. The plant was then prized for its pharmaceutical and anesthetic properties. In Europe, it was used to fight against fever, joint pain and some mental illnesses until the twentieth century. Its oil obtained by cold pressing the seeds of the plant contains omega-3 and 6, rich in essential fatty acids. It is considered the most balanced oil for the body, since it contributes to the proper functioning cardiovascular helping to regulate cholesterol. After food, hemp oil has quickly won the cosmetic industry for its benefits to the skin and hair. It has indeed regenerating, soothing and revitalizing with its essential fatty acids. But it is steadying and softening, meet the needs of dry, mature, irritated and dehydrated skin. This precious oil also has a nourishing the hair fiber power. It is smoothing while providing shine to hair. By Sophie Desmet

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