Ibikéyé une belle histoire de bijoux

Ibikeye: a beautiful story of jewelry

Ibikéyé which means “this birth brings honor” in Yoruba is the name of a young brand of original and elegant jewelry. It is also the story of Charlotte-Camille Salanon, creative self-taught, strong triple Culture: Benin, French and Polish decided to leave high finance to embark on a new adventure: the creation of jewelry. After three years of discussion, the young woman creates, in late 2013, his first collection called Yaoïcha, in honor of his paternal grandmother. This collection under the sign of femininity, is handmade, with silver, ebony and semi-precious stones in the Sahel. Recognizing the wealth of crafts and African soil, the young woman made the choice of buying materials directly in West Africa, especially in Niger and Benin. Today, she dedicates her designs to all women of the world who want to stand out, while elegance.

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-First creation: Curly Bubbly, 100% money hand carved reproduces the loop afro hair or Métis.

2nd-Métis, silver and ebony, an alternation to discuss tolerance and miscegenation.

-3rd Praying Mantis or Praying Mantis, a symbol of female power.

-4th Middle Way: Silver and Red Agate Niger symbolizes the path we must take to achieve balance and therefore happiness.

5e Yovotomé silver and onyx or red agate Sahel means “country whites” in Fon, one of the languages ​​of Benin.

By Mistoura Yessoufou

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