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In Amma’s arms …

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Mata Amritanandamayi, better known under the name of Amma (“mother” in Hindi) is a “Mahatma” (“great soul” in Sanskrit), a being whose consciousness has attained enlightenment. A Mahatma is able to treat others with compassion, but also to help with his/her presence to achieve the same level of consciousness.
Born on September 27th, 1953 in Kerala, in a modest family of fishermen, Amma has become a worldwide spiritual and humanitarian leader. Since 1987, she toured the world to deliver her message of love and tolerance, but also to embrace the world, always dressed in a white sari. More than 32 million people have already received the “darshan” (hug)byAmma.

The one that has built 45,000 houses in India, supported 500 orphans, given scholarships to more than 41,000 children, or planted a million trees through her Foundation Embracing The Word (ETW) is considered a “being of light and love”capable of transmitting divine energy.
To realize the extent of Amma’s power, we went to Pontoise (Val d’Oise), where she was on the first stop of his tour in France, 19, 20 and 21 October at the Exhibition Hall of the St. Martin. In this huge hall, you have to tail, barefoot, to get a first ticket, which if you are patient enough, will be changed in 5 to 7 hours with one that will allow you to receive the “darshan”, the expected saving hug. At the same time, information about Amma and her work are available in the stands held by some of the 700 volunteers. Faithful and visitors are seated in rows of chairs, or wander the aisles and buy necklaces, silk, incense, pictures of Amma or objects of spiritual representation. The noise quickly gives way to meditation and silence when Amma enters the room. For twenty minutes of meditation and prayer. Will follow the “darshan”. Throughout the day, until the evening, Amma will take in her generous arms, men, women and children, whispering tirelessly and always with a beautiful and wide smile, a mantra that seems to comfort them and to move them to the highest point. Some describe this moment as a real spiritual experience, others evoke the divine energy. All will remember this unique moment of love in their heart with Amma

If you have not had the joy, as 25,000 people to receive your “darshan” at Pontoise, Amma will be in Toulon 3, 4 and 5 November before going outside France, to offer other “darshan” around the world.

By FP.

The dream of Amma

« Each can sleep without fear, at least one night.

May everyone have enough to eat, at least one day.

Hospitals can not accommodate any victim of violence, at least one day.

Each can serve voluntarily, at least a day, as is the desire to Amma. This is his prayer.»

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« 25,000 people received Amma hug Pontoise »

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