The future of humanity is in danger. One solution is designed by a group of researchers:

migrate on a “ welcoming” planet,  the closest is in another galaxy, thousands of light years away.

At first, in 2006, Jonathan Nolan began writing the first scenario, then his older brother Christopher joins eventually leading to the final concept.

This is an Anglo-American film with a budget of $ 165 millions, presented October 26th, 2014  in Los Angeles, and on 5th November of the same year in France.

The Nolan brothers are directors and writers. As for the main players, their names are: Matthew McConaughey (Cooper), Anne Hathaway (Amelia), Mackenzie Foy (Murph), Jessica Chastain (Murph), Michael Caine (Professor Brand), Wes Bentley (Doyle), John Lithgow (Donald), Bill Irwin (TARS), Timothy Chalamet (Tom), Casey Affleck (Tom). The soundtrack is signed Hans Zimmer

It is essential to note that the scenario was based on the work of physicist Kip Thorne, and several other scientists were consulted for this adventure that takes advantage of the latest scientific knowledge of physics and astrophysics so that it is credible, despite incredible situations and impressive special effects.

Of course, we will not, in these lines, reveal the story to you, however, we want to give you good reasons to take the path of a dark room, near home, at the other end of the world, or elsewhere in the Universe.

Fans of science fiction, great show, special effects, beautiful images, suspense, twists and emotions will not be disappointed by 169 minutes of film.

A large majority of critics liked the work, and several international appointments are already advanced.

A word to conclude: Pleasure.

By Jean-Marie Halper

Anne Hathaway, Christopher Nolan, Humanity, Interstellar, Jonathan Nolan, Mackenzie Foy, Matthew McConaughey


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