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Kosibah Creations – Welcome Collection (marriage) and Afro-Centric collection (collection of evening)

A graduate of the Paris Academy School of Fashion (London) and the Obafemi Awolowo University (Nigeria) Yemi Osunkoya lives and works in London. Specializing in evening wear and wedding since 1991 he created a couture collection by year, especially unique pieces for clients who appreciate exclusivity. Rich Tudor corsets and draped, collections flatter the female form and draw an advantageous figure and elegant * / … / “I think it is essential to use the best fabrics. I especially like silk, in all its forms. It is luxurious, beautiful and pleasant to work with. I also have a weakness for organza, hand woven clothes and Nigerian sable. “Anthology of his latest creations.

* From the book « Elégances Africaines » (2002, Editions Alternatives) de Renée Mendy-Ongoundou

By Sophie Martin

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