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Loretta 100% Soul

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“Find a Way” (Vaziva Music), the new album from the French artist is in stores. More than a superb opus 100% soul, “Find a Way” is an invitation to travel, from the 60s to today. Interview.

– What are the highlights of your career?

I released a first album, “L.aime” under the pseudonym Laure Milan in 2006 and Smiling Angels” in 2008, with a show at the Olympia in stride. As for “Say U Love Me“, it was released in 2011.

Why did you choose to withdraw from the scene and show business?

I wanted to start a family and move to Paris. It must be said that the current market for French music really gives not want us to fight, everything is so wrong, talent is not enough and the media did not really leave an opportunity for artists like myself. So I decided this would be my last album, but if there are opportunities abroad that are available to me.

A few words about achieving your latest video, “The Wonder That You Are”, inspired by the 50s in the USA?

I appealed to Rabi French Cut, because for me it is one of the best in France and he has amply demonstrated with this clip. He had the idea of synchronized swimmers and all other plans came naturally. He was able, merely listening, perfectly stick to the spirit of the title. He was most successful, with few resources to do great things. Hats off!

How do you define your music?

I especially love soul music and rhythm and blues, these are the voices that carry me especially. My music is a kind of introspection and return to authenticity, since I chose to make a soul album. At that time, there was depth in the interpretation of the singer and musicians, people sang and played with the heart as if their whole life depended on it.

Besides music, what are your other focus in life?

My lover, the American series and my friends.

If you had not had this amazing voice, what other profession would you like to do?

 I wish discover talents and produce. I think I would still be left in the field of music, as there is it that I loved.

The final word?

I hope you enjoy my album and you talk about you, because today it remains to artists like me that word of mouth, so that the music exists and resists. Thank you to Women’s plural for the interview and see you soon!

By FP.

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