Un mannequin nommé Khoudia

A model named Khoudia

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Model and TV anchor for Tantine’s Matin (Télésud) the seductive Khoudia Mbaye lives in Paris since 2006. She agreed to answer the 3 questions of Femmes au Pluriel.

How did you start modeling ?

profil Khoudia

It all started with a miss election when I was at Lamine Gueye High School, in Dakar. I was the 1st runner, but this has created in me an interest in fashion. First I wanted to finish my studies that were prioritized. Three years later, I started. My passion, my determination to modeling allowed me to be in the trade of fashion since 2005.

What is your view on fashion today ?

profil Khoudia

I have a positive and lucid idea: fashion is a rich domain, both thankless and recognizing!

The models of my generation are fortunate to have arrived at a time when fashion has become more democratic through countless followers and active people: designers, photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists, magazines …

This allows us to work hard and with dignity, but also we grow through our passion, while having other opportunities.

I would like to pay tribute to the designers with whom I worked and worked. Their expertise, creativity, courage, enabling them to further improve and revolutionize the beauty industry.

Who are your favorite designers ?

profil Khoudia

This is a very difficult question for me, because I like the vast majority of them. They have very different styles, which is interesting for modeling because it gives us the opportunity to be versatile and open. Thank to Femmes au Plurielfor its support to artists.

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