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Dr. Sy Khadi Bizet, dermatologist and aesthetic physician, has kindly agreed to provide us with practical advice and answers to all these questions we ask ourselves regularly and for which we do not always have an answer. Each week you will find in this section are easy to implement tips and clear and reliable information to take care of yourself and your loved ones. You can now send this to all your questions

I have provided very few eyebrows. Will it technical or product that can allow me to promote their growth?

Personally I am very dubious about the new cosmetic supposed to encourage the growth of eyebrows especially when we know that in a physiological manner and in all beings eyebrows diminish with time. Waxing, who returns to our beauty routines often very early, at the time of adolescence, just worse later this natural phenomenon.

the best technique is permanent makeup, provided you do not get to draw like a comic book character! The route must be smooth and as close as possible to your natural color tone.

Some good addresses in Paris

  • Institute Pyrène Paris 8
  • Institute Un Jour Un Regard Paris 16
  • The Gardens of Paris Nana 1

Some good addresses in Paris

Institut Pyrène Paris 8

  • Institut Un Jour Un Regard Paris 16
  • Les jardins de Nana Paris 1
  • Institut Pyrène Paris 8

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