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A new twist to the Labo Ethnik

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The living room of miscegenation, fashion, design and lifestyle, the Labo Ethnik just closed its 8th edition. Change of place: Labo Ethnik is installed on the Docks – City of Fashion and Design (Paris 13th). Change of artistic direction with Vincent McDoom the helm of this great event. A big opening night in tribute to Nelson Mandela was held at the opening of the show, Thursday, May 22 The singer and model Inna Modja was the game. For this exceptional parade, international artists and designers Labo Ethnik imagined and presented unique. This 8th edition was attended by over 80 designers ready-to-wear, fashion accessories, decorative objects and design. The contest “Emergence” revealed differences creators of ready-to-wear which S’Telco, 2Pousses or Vanessa Augris. In total, more than 6,000 visitors came to meet the creators of the world (England, Africa, France, USA, India, Canada, Switzerland and more). Four days in the service of fashion, creative and design, but also four days of sharing and exchange.

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By Mistoura Yessoufou

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