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Go de Nuit

« Night girls. Abidjan, the forgotten beauties »

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Eliane de Latour is director of research at CNRS, anthropologist and filmmaker. Her thesis in hand, she began to make documentaries alternating shootings in France and Africa without stopping writing. She is interested in topics such as underground, prison life, ghettos, and eventually slide fiction cinema. Her gaze is true and is expressed correctly. Whether through film, writing or by the photography. She captures “what in the other commands respect.” Eliane is a woman of head and heart that knows dig deeper where others would distract the eye. It is not encumbered social boundaries because the key is elsewhere. With this part of humanity screwed into it, Eliane shares her experiences from countries to countries.

On the occasion of the mont of photography in Paris, she exhibits«  Go de Nuit. Abidjan, les Belles oubliées »from November 15 thtoDecember 15th 2014, at the Maison des métallos,Paris 11th. You will discoverthe birthof a beautifulhearthistory.

Eliane de Latour, with her camera comes face to face on a girl named “Nafisa” in Abidjan. Seated before a transient hotel, like other 12 to 24 years old, in search of customers.Eliane hesitate a moment, but she smiled. So she starts and, takes extraordinary pictures that are now in “an absolutely useful book for the world.” Three years after that first smile Nafisa, the book and a pictures exhibition highlight a global phenomenon: the girls fleeing insecure areas or war zones to sell their bodies in the megacities. She says to anyone who will listen that “ignorance leads to rejection, contempt, violence, prejudice.” Eliane, promised to return one day to these girls. And she dis. Today, she has allowed some to change the course of their lives, by providing practical help. Discreet, efficient, she knows how to unite beautiful souls around this project of solidarity. The feat she managed here; is to have been able to see and ignite a spark of beauty that hides in every sordid universe. Maximum respect to this commitment anthropologist.

By Aissatou KOUROUMA.

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