Pas ce soir, j’ai la migraine

«Not tonight, I have a headache»

Who has not heard this formula behind why some people are hiding willingly to deny their spouse? Migraine: a very old excuse.

It seems, however, that sex is part of the physical exercises that make us feel good. Yep! this is known, making love relaxes, eases tension. According to German researchers at the University of Munster that has proven therapeutic utility, thanks to endorphins.

Indeed, this hormone, discovered in the 70s, is secreted by our brain glands: the pituitary and hypothalamus. Present in many organs, including the brain and spinal cord, endorphin is known for its effects similar to morphine. It is produced in moments of physical exertion, intense excitement, pain or orgasm. When she is released, it acts as a natural painkiller in the nervous system, reduces and even eliminates the headache. The results obtained by German scientists say that having sex can reduce or stop a migraine attack. Sex is a useful behavior,” the researchers say that specify, however, that sex can cure migraine, certainly, but on condition that it does not cause of coital headache” or orgasmic. It is very violent head pain that usually occur during or after orgasm. It is an ordinary evil, but rather suddenly. Men who suffer explain that “their pain from the lower back of the skull, and that to extend to the front of the head and below the eyes.” These sharp pains that affect a man in a hundred can occur for months or even years. Usually they disappear suddenly, overnight. As few men are willing to talk about it, then doctors believe the numbers are understated.

Gentlemen, the next time your partner says, “Not tonight, I have a headache ‘, probe and answer him that” making love has virtues ” !

By Aissatou KOUROUMA.

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