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De toutes les nuits les amants de Mieko Kawakami

Of all nights, lovers Mieko Kawakami

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True pop icon in Japan, Mieko Kawakami is both novelist, poet but also a singer in a rock band and … mannequin. Young woman key to any 36 year old, she won the prestigious 2007 Akutagawa literary prize for her novel Chichi to Ran (“breasts and eggs’ published by Actes Sud). Through her writing, she takes a look both raw and right on the status of women in Japanese society. Its creative momentum, she published last March, “Of all nights, lovers.” This brilliant novel written in the first person, tells the story of the shy and introverted Fuyuko, proofreader freelance. The young 34 year old woman lives alone recluse in his own little world and not imagine any emotional relationship. Fuyuko love more than anything light and love she discovers gradually takes it irresistibly. Journey into the apparent lightness of women, or their tiny gaping fears, their sacrifices and their excesses, their choices and their freedoms, this powerful and poignant book is a very poetic gravity and

“>Of all nights, lovers Mieko Kawakami, Actes Sud, 279 pages, € 21.80.

By Aimee mackenzy

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