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Orthorexia What is it?

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ORTHOS in Greek means what is “right“, “correct” and refers OREXIS appetite.

A common disease, long gone unnoticed. This condition is a quest for perfection exhausting food. It appears as phobias, fixated on food selection and preparation method. No direct cause can be identified, if not the current social context where the only concern with healthy eating takes extents that promote this type of behavior. Who assigned this responsibility? Maybe European consumers, bombarded with information about what is good or not for health, eventually falling into the excesses because of too many food scares. Excessive Often these alerts are a problem because they are causing a bit neurotic about food …

Where anorexic (or bulimic) is obsessed with food amount ingested, the orthorexic him, focus on quality, and invent its own rules. It will be obsessed with a strict diet; including health food and pure as he considers good for his health. He will go to plan meals ahead of time and even provide an emergency kit. Respect her diet is so strict that it comes to feel superior to the point of position sometimes, preachy from any person it deems unable to show the same determination as he. People who suffer from this disease are usually women and athletes. They are anxious, and the idea of ​​eating food they consider “bad quality” it generates the establishment of rituals that can become real obstacles to a peaceful and harmonious life.

The problem is that they can become a source of social exclusion if they do not get help from a professional. Beyond the feeling of guilt, worthlessness, isolation and daily discomfort, there are serious risks of overdose or deficiency of certain vitamins and minerals. This is Steve Bratman, in 1997, was the first to raise this issue to describe this new food deviant behavior. It recommends, firstly, to refer patients to a nutritionist. But if the problem is really too intrusive, he recommends a psychological treatment.

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