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What is the point of FASTING?

Fasting is a gift that we offer to our body. It will “rest” or “detoxify” to clean and allow us to find surprising vitality (better sleep, energy …)

To get all the benefits, it is safe to be well prepared in advance, psychologically and physically.

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Psychologically: choosing an appropriate time (if one is météopathe, the best time is summer), where it is not swamped with work. You must also choose the number of days (except for religious issues, fasting 24 hours seems useless). When we want to eliminate, it is best to choose to be waning moon.

2 big mistakes not to commit:
• Fasting to lose weight.
• The experience asting as deprivation, frustration.

Conditions: it is important to gradually reduce our food. Never abruptly. By first removing the meat, all animal protein, cheese and all dairy products, and whole grains (organic of course, otherwise you eat all the pesticides), and lastly, vegetables and fruits.
There are accompanied fasting, we will continue to be provided with a vegetable juice or grass in the morning.*

The first day of fasting, it is recommended to have a colon hydrotherapy or enemas for not keeping toxins.
Of course, drink plenty of pure water (not too loaded with minerals and with a low PH) *. Water’s primary role is to cleanse us carrying our waste out, and it can do so only under certain conditions.

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One can feel hungry the first 2 days. To facilitate this passage one can prepare a drink made from lemon juice with maple syrup and a little turmeric and paprika powder. This is called the energy fast and well cut hunger. After these first 2 days, hunger is forgotten, and the 4th day (this can vary from person to person), we can feel a strong headache due to liver cleans.
It is good then to make another enema green coffee bio*.

Green coffee is not roasted, not burned, so less toxic, but caffeine that will free up a vasodilatory effect that will relieve, prevent headache.

It is funny to note the following days, as we are used to it. So when meal times come, we can enjoy this “free” time to read or go for a walk… Because, of course, it is important to get some fresh air by doing good outdoor stairs. You will be surprised by your energy. And also to see how your gut will eliminate despite the lack of food.

You will determine the number of days you want to continue. After one week, it is already very efficient.
And now, MOST IMPORTANT: the re-introduction of food. It must be done very gradually: vegetable juices, fresh fruit juice, fruit … Small quantities. And CHEW WELL!

The ideal would be to end with another hydrotherapy or enema.

* For water, the fixed residue should not exceed 20 and the PH be below 7.
 See website:
I am at your disposal for further details.

* Green Coffee Enema: putting green coffee beans to soak for 12 hours. Keep the soaking water in a blender and grind coarsely grains. Boil 1 liter of water for 5 min and leave 15 minutes on low heat. Let steep 15 minutes and filter. Add the quench water and 1 liter of cold water. Making enema at warm temperature.

* Possible fasting courses in Drôme at The Crossroads. Information at the site of the Association Kousmine:

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By Annie Baronnet

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