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Samhain or the new year “sorcerer”*

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Celtic myths and legends related to the Halloween party.

According to the “old godsdate of October 31 is the feast of the new year “sorcerer” Samhain which is associated with death, but also rebirth. This date marks the time of the profound changes taking place in each individual and that allows them to grow spiritually. It is for everyone the opportunity to take stock of the year just past year. Sabbath serves primarily to learn to become better, making sure to get rid of the negative aspects of our lives.

The rite of celebration of souls, which allowed to provide assistance to departed souls so that they find their way and so rest in peace, is the best known of the great sabbath Gentiles. This time is known by most people as the “Halloween” and “Halloween.” But this is more than just a festival-style carnival with its attendant costume or a day where you have flowers on the graves. This sacred festival is, in fact, the most important wizards, as it marks the end of the year and the beginning of another. Symbolizing an eternal cycle of life. And considered the new year Wizards. It is also called the Sabbath of fire. The ancient custom dictated that the lights are on all the hills from the Celtic lands sunset. These lights used to thank God for the third and final harvest of the year, to light up the night for the new year, to purify the sacred space of the house and serve as a focal point in the ritual.

So why so many carnival style? Samhain had the distinction of being the time of year where the separation between the world of the living and the dead is very thin. According to the Celts, it was the perfect night for the spirits, but also the demons and monsters back to earth. Not to get into trouble, it was customary to dress up to go unnoticed, and to enter into the good graces of souls who had to borrow this passage to the other world. He was recommended to leave an offering in the form of food outside his door, and a candle to guide them to the Kingdom of the Dead. The ritual of Samhain was therefore to honor the ancestors and to establish contact with the missing, considered source of advice, wisdom and inspiration. As for the crossing of the dark period ahead, we needed a light to illuminate our steps, guide us and inspire us. Moreover, beyond to learn about this ancient practice cards, pendulum, or runes; it remains introspective meditations bequeathed by the former to create our inner sanctuary.

For all those who now believe their dead, it is an opportunity to salute the departed souls. Do not be sad, because as the old saying to them, it’s a release, a passage. Celebrate this new wizard year” by the party and prepare a meal with vegetables. Of course do not forget to honor the pumpkin star of the day! I wish you all a “Happy Samhain” and that this new year brings you lots of nice things, that the “Elder Gods” guide you in your projects and illuminate your way.

* To the reader: the term “witch” is here emptied of any negative connotation.

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