Maladie de Crohn - partie 4

Should we be ashamed of the disease CROHN? – Part 4

In early July 2014, Bethany Townsend, a young woman of 23 years, former model suffering from this disease has been a strong act. While vacationing in Mexico with her ​​husband, she had the idea to post on social networks a picture of her in a bikini; highlighting its Ostomy. Formerly called “artificial anus“, the Ostomy is a bag placed in the patient to put to rest the small intestine, when it is too affected by the disease. This allows both to absorb nutrients and disposal of excreta.

Thanks to her, nearly nine million people have taken this gesture to not have to hide.

Likee” 190,000 times with 10,000 comments on Facebook, the young woman has reached its goal of raising awareness about the disease she suffers from the age of 3 years. In 2010, she would have almost died. So she decided to share her story. By this act, it has, in some way, contributed to help thousands of patients.

Several media reported this information to highlight the courage of this young woman who contributes to what has become a disease.

Among the many people who encountered face Crohn’s disease, some suffer more severe intestinal problems, allergies tomato or gluten. This therefore requires detailed investigation in order to apply the right treatment.

To the question of whether to be ashamed of Crohn’s disease, it seems that the chain reactions that followed the publications of Bethany Townsend respond unambiguously. Especially, when we take the time to read the moving stories of people affected by this disease.

In conclusion, let us remember that whatever illness you have, do not be afraid to share. Even if we sometimes feel that the world is full of people insensitive”, know that there will always be someone somewhere that will include not only your health but also your suffering. In reality, we are never alone!

By Aissatou KOUROUMA

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