signature de la première charte de la monoparentalité

Signing the first charter of single parenthood

On June 2, the City of Paris hosted the signing of the Charter of Single parenting. Through this charter, the association K emergencies conducted by Christine Kelly (journalist and member of CSA), trying to attract the attention of companies on the conditions of workers in single-parent status in the world of employment. In a progressive approach, the charter offers time management and working conditions of these employees according to their needs, assistance for child care, and equal access to professional advancement. In addition, every two years will be an assessment of the resilience of the commitments made by the signatories. For the occasion were gathered at the town hall, 4 associations, 16 companies and many personalities from PAF. Among the 22 signatory companies: L’Oréal, GDF Suez, LCL, Ikea, Système U, Randstad or the French Basketball Federation. The Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo was also keen to sign the charter committing the town to help single parents, often in precarious situations. Najat Belkacem-Vallaud, Minister of Women’s Rights, Youth and Sports has also signed the charter. Recall that single parent families are more numerous in France. 85% of them are headed by women, mostly due to divorce or separation. A follow.

By Mistoura Yessoufa

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