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Successful series feminine

This is a phenomenon that is growing. Difficult to miss. Especially for addicts we are: actresses are at the head of that carton series on the small screen. We can not hide our joy for propelling women to the forefront, the series involved in their development. Thus, today’s actresses embody fascinating and complex characters. Far from the usual stereotypes. These modern women are housewives, addicted to their job, sleep with men of power or are lesbians. Other times, they are crisp forties, depressive teens, neurotic, round, thin, or even of taulardes … eggheads! Sometimes these heroines of modern times like us. Most often, they give us the desire to identify with them. In 2014, lots of biting, addictive and funny series have combined the feminine. Decryption and actresses admirable anthology – like us – who make us drool in front of our screens.

By Mistoura Yessoufou

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