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Technologies de l’orgasme

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The vibrator, “hysteria” and sexual satisfaction of women.

Oristelle Bonis is specialized in the translation of highly interesting books.

Thanks to her, we can now devore one of the best books of the American historian Rachel P. Maines, independent researcher affiliated with the Science and Technology Department at Cornell University in the US. This is “orgasm Technology”, a book acclaimed by critics when it was published in the collection Little Library Payot editions

In this book, we discover, for example, there was a time when treating hysteria in women was a serious concern of some physicians. So much so that for centuries they scrupulously practiced pelvic massages on their patients. Orgasm is reached after about an hour, so for the sake of profitability, most of these massages were delegated to other women: nurses and midwives.

Thus, at the end of the nineteenth century, electricity allowed the doctors to be equipped with effective vibration instruments.
With the commercialization of portable vibrator, which was accompanied, in the US, with an intense advertising campaign, the instrument left the doctor’s office for the private home where it settled permanently.

Few people know that the vibrator was, in the early twentieth century, the best-selling appliance after the sewing machine, fan, kettle and toaster. Happy reading!

By Aissatou KOUROUMA

History, Medicine, sex, Women


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