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Yolande Mukagasana

“The UN and the grief of a Negress. Rwanda / DR Congo, 20 years after “Yolande Mukagasana

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Mère Courage

To hear him talk, and feel the thrill when pronounce his words, all weighed despite the spark of passion that lives, one wonders how she has been, not just survive, but finding the energy and conviction to continue to fight for the justice and truth be restored.

Rwandan writer and survivor of the 1994 genocide in the Land of a Thousand Hills, where she lost her three children and her husband Yolande Mukagasana is a member of the National Commission for the Fight against Genocide in Kigali. She told primarily the task of writing give him strength to testimony that is not limited to the memory of the tragedy, but rather is part of an irreducible quest: “I do not agree, I am remained in the revolt that made me live and continue my struggle in the path of the truth. “

Author of Death does not come from me (1997) Do not be afraid to know (1999) and injuries of silence (2002), she returned with the UN and the grief of a Negress. Rwanda / DR Congo, 20 years later. This text is both a visionary and courageous analysis of invective indomitable memory.

It is also an explicit criticism, argued, international institutions and major powers, whose attitude has enabled the realization of the time the crime of crimes. And today they consent to the continuation of the work of destabilization by the same forces that had hatched the plan of extermination.

A book written with a style poignant lyricism, irrigated with an almost heavenly serenity that accompanies an endless pain, unspeakable, and fierce determination.

The verb, sharp, relentless protests in denunciation and comes in poetic evocation and dream of passing.


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