L'art et la technique du massage

The art and technique of massage

After an exhausting day, stress is at its peak, and you certainly have trouble relaxing. So, you are not available, sensually speaking. Explore with your partner then the art of massage. Soft and sensual, it will allow you to rekindle tenderness and intimacy. So no need professional masseur, just follow the techniques we offer.

First of all, buy the album Levon Minassian titled “Duduk”. Then ask your partner to lie on a sufficiently firm and level surface. Depending on the body part you want a massage, you just place it either above her buttocks, by his side, or in front of his head. Next step, the choice of massage oil, as many flavors exist today to vary your pleasures. We recommend using either a massage cream or oil so your hands can slide nicely without friction on the skin of your half. A tip for greedy scoundrels“: if you want to use a condom after your massage, wash your hands before touching it, otherwise the oil used could make it porous. The art of massage lies in the gestures. We suggest you switch four basic techniques after, of course, asking your partner what he likes the most.

The first technique is stroking. It is particularly suitable for the back massage, kidneys, buttocks and thighs. With the palm of your hands, make ample and long strokes on her skin, pressing lightly and smoothly across the surface. These gestures can be used to smoothly move from one body part to another. The second technique is the kneading. Prefer movement that aims to relieve the muscles of your darling (e) eliminating points of contraction due to stress, anxiety or uncomfortable positions. And bakery, train you, press, and knead gently pinch the muscle between the palm of each hand, your fingers and your thumb. Without pressing the backbone, linger on the muscles around the spine, those of the neck, not to mention those of the shoulder blades and legs.

The third technique is that the pressure, which is a variation of the modeling technique. Use the joints of your fingers or your thumbs to apply constant pressure and small circular motions. This highly effective technique will allow you to relax the spasms in very localized areas. Percussion is the fourth technique. It helps energize muscles, toning and relaxing them. Remember to favor certain sensitive areas. First the feet for complete relaxation, remember to massage the soles of the feet. Then the hands, especially the palms. Ideally, allow the back of his hand on your fingers and massage, massage, massage the palm with your thumb, starting from the wrist to the fingertips. And finally, the face. Apply at the temples, behind the ears and forehead, slight circular pressure. Best of all, massage her scalp: it will be relaxed and in a good mood

By Aîssatou KOUROUMA.


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