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The European Union gives reason for pregnant women

On June 18, the European Union stood out the status of pregnant women. Now they will retain their rights as workers, and that, even if the pregnancy forced to stop their work. This status allows women to enjoy, regardless of their country (European) origin, financial aid for pregnant women from Eastern European countries where they are in space activities. But important condition must that women return to work or find another job within a reasonable period of time after the birth of her child.”

European judges and respond favorably to a French citizen living in England. The young woman, 6 months pregnant, had left his job as a teacher assistant in kindergarten and asked the British government financial assistance awarded to British and foreign pregnant women. It was refused by the administration.

The Court also notes that forced unemployed or employees affected temporary disability benefit from aid with worker status. Highlighting the discrimination suffered by pregnant women.


By Maya Duringer

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