Le Futhark

The Futhark

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The runic alphabet of the ancient Magi

The word Futhark consists of the first six letters of the runic alphabet Fehu, Urzu, Thurisaz, Ansuz, Raidho and Kenaz.

According to the Vikings, the word “Run” means in old Norse secret whispered etymologically “secret” whisper or murmur. It is an occult and secret alphabet consists of 24 letters mystics whose origins date back to the late prehistoric. These 24 letters are usually engraved on the scales of wood or soft stone. Each sign has a meaning. In Celtic, Scandinavian represent constellations and used for divination. Organization of three lines of 8 runes enhances their mystery. This alphabet has no connection with others such as Greek or Latin, and is known to heal the warriors away danger, bring the richness and cover the one who mastered many benefits. It is a sacred art which is the Scandinavian and Germanic mythology.

If its origins were located in Northern Europe, it is, however, very difficult to define when this alphabet appeared. It grew and spread from the second century BC by Germanic peoples in contact with Mediterranean populations. After many centuries of neglect, it reappears, and is regarded by some as one of the most powerful magical tools inherited from our ancestors. Closely related to the nature and ancient Nordic gods by showing both their desires, the runic alphabet symbolizes the power of the wind, sun, ice, rain. According to tradition, it would be the god Odin or an extremely powerful spiritual being that would, after a sacrifice in the form of ritual invocation, for 9 days, offered the runes to mankind to allow him to communicate with the higher planes. Runes is the language of the gods, the universe, and they form the words carry the power of the word. We all have desires, secret prayers, incantations or even simple thoughts to attract good fortune and ward off evil. But our human language is certainly awkward to communicate with the subtle energy plans. Imagine that you master the power of ancient runes and you put these words of power to serve your innermost desires, your most noble projects, etc. You will then have at your disposal powerful cosmic energy Pentacles able to bring you the best solutions for all situations that come to mind. Do you want to speak the language of the universe and give your instructions to solve your problems? Learn about the runes, moving closer to an expert in the field who is willing to introduce you. Someone who does not bother you that theory, but that will take time to make practical demonstrations with humility and patience. This type of teacher is in action and usually brings practical solutions to everyday situations in your life solutions.

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