L’héritière des Diamond Jackie Collins

The heiress of Diamond, Jackie Collins

“Sex, glamor, brushings volume XXL, more sex: true to itself, Jackie Collins offers a dissection of Hollywood as sharp as a razor blade. »Daily Mail

And here again the phenomenon Jackie Collins, Anglo-American bestselling author who wrote 29 novels, sold more than 500 million books in more than 40 countries worldwide.

“His style is synonymous with pure escape, her heroine is strong and ambitious, and his men … His men! Like his books, they will hold you awake all night. “Company Magazine

Defined as the “pioneer of glamor and sexy kind,” Jackie Collins mixes in his novels, money, sex and murder in American high society.

“Barman, use a dirty martini and we never let our empty glasses. This is a great vintage Jackie Collins and we’re here until closing. »Heat

The young publishing house translated Charleston last novel of the latter, “the heiress of Diamond”, and as explained itself the “Marcel Proust Hollywood” in this video, if you want to have a nice moment at the point of not sleep at night, read this Hollywood thriller with the backdrop to the splendor and unspoken secrets of American high society.

“Cancel all your appointments, pick up your phone and enjoy it.



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