La méthode Josy Mermet

The method Josy Mermet or how to become the best version of oneself

A great little lady, dressed all in black, an extraordinary energy and charisma. This is, at first, the impression that emerges from Josy Mermet, who is at the origin of what will become in France, the “makeover”. But her method, “Chromopsychology” goes much further, because it places the individual at the center of everything. Thus, our personality and inner self become the key to a powerful self-enhancement and improved of self-esteem. By identifying qualities but also defects, Josy Mermet will offer colors, clothes to wear, a haircut, textiles … Her color sensitivity probably comes from childhood, and her revolutionary method from her ability to observe, but also her experience and outsized intuition.

By Claire Renée Mendy.

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Chromopsychology, colors, Josy Mermet, Makeover, self esteem



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