The phenomenon “normcore” a style beyond style

After the big buzz around the phenomenon hipster” in the early 2010s, the time has come to welcome the new unisex fashionable trend by the name almost scientific of Normcore.”

More than a revolution, the normcore could be interpreted as the ultimate way to be a hipster, who after reaching the peak of anti-conformist style falls in the nonstyle. This trend, whose name is a contraction of the words “normal” and “hardcore”, which appeared in Berlin early this year, is a hymn to normality. In short, follow the fashion is no longer on the page, but to be “anti-fashion” the now becomes!

The concept of normcore advocates, indeed, back to basics: the aim being to fall in the standard both in her wardrobe in her life. Exit therefore silhouettes beards cut and polish loafers walking the openings of upscale galleries; the holding of the Supreme normcore is a basic white t-shirt, jeans and a pair of sneakers he or she takes to go shopping on a Sunday afternoon. A style probably already adopted by thousands of people without even knowing it!

Too stylish to be stylish, this trendy even a little – Democratic done many followers as detractors, but already find fans among celebrities like Katie Holmes, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kristen Stewart. And you, what do you think?

By Anne Waas

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