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Tokio care: hair care repair express

Straight from Japan, Tokio Inkarami care nourishes and repairs your hair in 30 minutes flat. This treatment contains 8 varieties of natural and hydrolyzed keratin. Natural keratin comes from duvets and waterfowl feathers (similar to that of hair) and enhances the effect of binding and protection. As for the hydrolyzed, it is derived from sheep’s wool, for depth repair. Result? More resistant hair, easy to disentangle and colors that last longer. Not to mention the addition of several amino acids which reinforce the resistance of the hair up to 140% and allow him to regain flexibility and lightness. Care has another peculiarity: it is full of a recognized asset and Nobel Prize in Chemistry, fullerene. Indeed, the fullerene is a molecule composed of carbon, discovered in 1985 and priméeen 1996, in addition to being a good thermal conductor, made to penetrate the heart of keratin hair. Thus, care Tokio is on the inside as on the outside of the hair for optimum results in 5 steps and 30 minutes. And to our delight, it is suitable for all hair types:

Hair dry and brittle after smoothing with daily straightening plates

Naturally very dry and porous hair

Devitalized hair by chemical treatments such as coloring or bits

Natural afro hair frizzy or damaged by straightening

Dry hair has undergone a permanent straightening.

To provide air mane perfectly hydrated and silky, it will take a minimum budget of 50 euros.


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