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At 25, this Cameroonian engineer telecommunication networks and is passionate about the development of the Afro beauty hair, and she does know. Through his blog and on his YouTube channel which has nearly 12,000 subscribers – it attracted many young women looking for practical, simple and practical answers. Myriam, better known by the nickname Mymou is the first blogger that Women in Plural chose to highlight.

What is your educational background?

profil Mymou I am a little geek: I hold a BS degree, a diploma in networking and telecommunications and an engineering degree in the same field. I did all my graduate studies in Paris.

Why and how to have launched a blog and a YouTube channel? profil Mymou

I first created a youtube channel because of the enthusiasm aroused my return to the natural look with my family and the issues that it generates. I had the idea of ​​making videos to show them my tricks and avoid having to repeat myself.

Regarding the blog, since I know how to use a computer, I have always held in one or more. I was interested in all platforms, with different topics and usually no editorial line. When I decided to really take seriously my YouTube channel, there is a year I wanted a medium that would complement the video in terms of text, but also images. That is why I launched the descotonettes Club”. It is a place where I repost the youtube videos, but not only. The articles are enriched with images, step by step, but also unpublished articles that would have been subject too long or too short to be addressed by video.

Who are your blog and tutorials?

profil Mymou

They appeal to all the girly women who want to learn how to do her hair, find inspiration (or make-up mode), discover new beauty, or to shop (thanks to some good web and physical addresses).

Keeping a blog and making videos you should take time. Do you have a business next door, or you live exclusively on your blog?

profil Mymou

I have a full time job as a consultant in the field of computing. Yes, youtube and blog take me a lot of time! But I love what I do and in the end it’s all a matter of organization.

Who are the people, artists or people who inspire you?

profil Mymou

My aunt is one of the strongest women I know, this is my role model. I tell myself that one day I will be like her. But to quote the “personalities”, I’d say I love the looks of Janelle Monae, I fell in love with Tarji P. Henson, there are years (she is an engineer by training, by the way). Apart from that, I find more inspiration by looking around me, young people who defend their plans and beliefs.

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Polyvalente, je teste pour vous des spas, des lieux atypiques, des produits beauté ou de nouveaux objets destinés à émerveiller notre quotidien. J'aime la vie. Les voyages. La slow food. Le développement personnel. Je suis une jeune femme d'aujourd'hui et de demain.

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