Who makes the buzz on the web ?

From fighting for women’s education, a taste of natural among our top celebrities and a talented DJ to a grasshopper, that’s a small taste of what awaits you in the buzz of the week. Be careful: you risk severe shaking!

“Be the ones you want to be and not those they want you to be. Do not accept liability they impose on your mothers who gave birth to you in a free world. “Strong words and full of common sense that are from the Palestinian photographer Kuwaiti origin, Laura Boushnak. In this video, she shares her meeting with women who do not read or write because of mentality, literature has no values according to their fathers, their husbands and even their mothers. Trought her travels including Yemen, Tunisia and Egypt, she exchanged and photographed brave women who have chosen to go to school to gain independence and to prove that they are capable of. A beautiful lesson on the importance of education!

This week appeared on the net unretouched pictures of Cindy Crawford. Photos that have been fodder by users who do not hesitate to post them on social networks with comments showing surprise but also the joy of seeing the true body, ‘natural’ of a beautiful woman model in the 90s, who is now 48 ​​years old. These shots were taken on décembre 2013 during a shoot for the Latin American version of Marie Claire magazine. Obviously these are the pictures after passing under Photoshop that have been published. But after the release of the original photos, the American version of the magazine decided to publish in its issue of April 2015, taking advantage of this promotion which is perfect. In all the commotion, Cindy Crawford herself declined to comment on the distribution of photos. But she is not alone in this case. Since photos of the American singer Beyonce -without Photoshop – extract filming advertising for L’Oreal were broadcast. Pictures that arise after a controversy over the fact that she also photoshopes photos that she publishes on Instagram. Queen B natural? You decide!

40 weeks pregnant, so nearly at the end, Northsea Bonnie decided to take the bull by the horns to trigger childbirth. Indeed, California 32 years would finally be able to give birth but her little boy is not of the same opinion and still prefers to stay warm. So she decided to get to the dance by reproducing the Thriller choreography of Michael Jackson thinking that this would trigger the birth. Unfortunately it has not been successful, but it has won more than ten thousand “likes” for her video that has been viewed more than two million times in just one week. What was to be a funny moment between friends, quickly went around the world. We wish her good luck!

He is only two years but already ignites the net with videos of his performances as a DJ on his YouTube channel. This young South African boy whose stage name is DJ Arch Jnr is full of talent dispite his young age. He does not hesitate to do demonstrations at family celebrations and friends. Admire the artist!

And finally, a small sketch of the Ethiopian Solomon Georgio comedian who makes fun of himself including with his name that might suit the “character of an Italian romance novel.”

By Mistoura Yessoufou.

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