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Who makes the buzz on the web ?

This week, I offer you friendship, sexism towards men, small dishes presented in a fun way … and of course humor! Ladies, in one of the videos, you might recognize you and even laugh at you! I’ll let you find out what I selected for you, and next week.

What does it mean to speak to you as a woman? For some a woman must have a low voice, speak slowly, not to get on the treble if his voice becomes “squeaky, annoying, irritating, poor.” In short voice becomes an instrument of judgment. Here’s what these women have to answer to their own voice. Their response is embellished with an explanation of the difference in votes between men and women.

Both activist for better sex education in the United States and feminist, the “youtubeuse” Laci Green examines sexism towards men. Indeed, women would not be the only ones to suffer unjust dictates of society. Men also have to meet certain requirements: be strong, do not cry, not to show his emotions, be a leader under penalty of look like a woman … A topic that the young woman fine analysis with a touch of humor. A must see!

“Nine things that only women can include relatives,” a reproduction of attitudes in the company of our friends. New sketches in which you’ll probably recognize you. A nice video about friendship!

Place parody about our appearance. Sometimes we imagine ourselves differently than we do it in reality or differently from what others see in us. But in the end no matter what others think, if you feel good, does not it?

We’ll conclude, leaving room for imagination Anne Widya (note: you can read her portrait on femmesaupluriel.com by searching his name) who does not lack for his culinary creations. This mother of 4 children love to create fun scenes with foods prepared for breakfast, snack or dinner. Creations it publishes on its website accompanied recipes.

By Mistoura Yessoufou.

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