Qui fait le buzz sur la Toile-semaine49

Who makes the buzz on the web?

To begin this December, here is a concentrate of good surprises. You will be dazzled by Paddy, an energetic salsa dancer at the dawn of her 80 years, and discover the art of coaxing in the United States. Other funny, moving, surprising things are just waiting for you. It’s nearly Christmas before Christmas!


This video shows us once again that age is not a hindrance. Indeed Paddy, appeared at the age of 79 years on “Britain’s Got Talent” , the british version of “La France a un incroyable talent.” Despite her age, she runs with talent, rhythmic and elegant salsa with Nico, her partner. Surprising a jury and an audience at first little not impressed at all. An energy and a will that inspire us!

Do you know Samantha Hess? The young American is a professional “ hugger”. This means that her job is to give hugs to customers who pay a dollar a minute. Hugs that can last from 15 minutes to…5 hours. Samantha Hess begins at home before opening her first shop “Cuddle up to me“, in Portland in the US. The concept originated in Japan, meeting a success with no less than 10,000 applications for appointment in a week’s opening! The opportunity for her to train others in the rudiment of the hug!

As Christmas approaches and with it its share of commercials, it was impossible not to talk about it. Let us quote the American humorist, Chris Rock who reminds us with humor and irony the true meaning of Christmas.

Have you ever had a phone call just when you finish your nails and that you struggle to get the phone without destroying your work ? The answer is probably yes! Well here is a video that makes a list of all those lonely moments in our busy lives. It is better to laugh, isn’t it?

The peculiarity of Chris Beetow? He paints portraits of animals reproducing their facial expressions, their characters, as nobody does. A watered-down copy of our favorite companions!

By Mistoura Yessoufou.

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