Qui fait le buzz sur la Toile-semaine50

Who makes the buzz ?

Ten days before Christmas we will respect the tradition, but not only. We will see how dreams can become realities, we’ll meet an amazing spectacle of nature. We also selected on the canvas sarcasm elements and especially of laughter.

You may already know Jayci Underwood? If this is not the case, it’s time to catch up. Jayci Underwood is a young American woman who became famous on Youtube with over 4 million views thanks to his wisdom teeth. The young woman was shot by her husband when he awoke after he was removed from his wisdom teeth. Still under the influence of anesthesia, Jayci Underwood delirious, thought to be the famous singer Nicki Minaj after surgery and wanted to be friends with Ellen DeGeneres, comedian and TV show The Ellen Show the presenter. Failing to become Nicki Minaj, she had the chance to meet her favorite presenter. We say thank you to the teeth of wisdom!

Here is a video that warns us about he dangers that may be incurred to advise unfounded people we do not know. This man has learned it to his cost!

This video is a tribute to our friends who are lovers of Christmas. Yes, we all have in our families, a person who lives for Christmas, which prepares well before the beginning of December, a person who will make you go shopping tirelessly to find the right decorations for this year. This description reminds you of someone?

Nature never ceases to surprise us by offering us magical and mysterious times. This is one of those moments that Sophie Windsor Clive and Liberty Smith lived during their boat trip on the River Shannon in Ireland. The two young women attended a magnificent show performed by a flock of birds in the wild.

Because we love all that is cute, here is at Christmas seasons, our beloved four-legged companions dressed for the occasion.

By Mistoura Yessoufou.

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