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So who are these women who remain? What exactly does a woman‘s left? This name has a negative connotation in China, “Sheng nu” or “leftover women” are the women left behind, those that remain It‘s actually women who are between 25 and about 27 years old, are very cultivated, have highly educated and live in cities. They have very good professional situations, yes, but, at age 27, a woman is considered “very old” in China. This is apparently an age limit to be still “bankable” in this country. Does not this remind you our famous catherinettes” in France? You should know that in China, from the college, when teen begins dating a boy, family and teachers try to dissuade her. Ironically, it is these same people who later were the first to point the finger at women who stay.”

Although this phenomenon is not new, Chinese women have only recently decided to rebel. “Women who arenow refuse to be marginalized, and they intend to use the pejorative term “Sheng nu” (launched by the government in 2007) to defend their rights. Author of the book “Leftover Women, the Return of Discrimination in China”, published in English in April 2014, Leta Hong Fincher clearly demonstrates the discrimination against women, whether at work or in society in general. Some have dared to attack companies that broadcast job offers reserved only for men. The Beijing court ruled in their favor. Beyond a significant victory, it is mostly a real sign of changing attitudes, even among judges.


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