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L’Eco des femmes

Women’s Eco

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To try to dust off the “Bank of daddy” and give meaning to your investments, Femmes au Pluriel decided to select for you an investment fund whose virtue, is not only to support the feminist cause, but also to grow your savings.

This is “Feminine Values”, a joint investment Fund (CPF) managed by the company Conseil Plus Gestion, whose shares are predominantly European. ISIN Code: FR0010220962. Established in October 2005, the Fund “ Feminines Values” invests in the trend characterized by the increasing influence of women in all spheres of economic activity.

Investment Criteria

The fund retains essentially two :

1- female management in companies (companies headed by women or companies where the presence of women within management bodies is significant).

2- The sectors and sub-sectors whose act of purchase has strong feminine connotation (cosmetics, luxury, specialized distribution, textile, food, services, etc.).


Why having a fund Feminine Values?

Both investment criteria that we have just stated are based on an accurate analysis of the managers :

1- the mix is a performance factor, and positioning on female management companies is a source of profitability.

2- Women purchasing power increases: investment in products intended for them is creating value.

The recommended investment period of this support is 5 years, mostly invested in shares. Its volatility is a 6 on a scale of 7, and therefore risky market reversal. It is a media investment for the more patient and daring, keen to diversify their investments within reasonable limits and boost savings at half mast. One of the advantages of a flexible fund is its ability to invest and quickly exit the equity markets, if they seem to be very hectic. So the manager has the ability to operate on other bond or money supports to minimize risk.

So ladies, next time you visit your banker, do not forget to indicate the ISIN Feminine values because this fund is one of the few investments that have a feminine theme.

See you soon for new adventures in the section Eco!

NB : This article aims to make you aware of the savings to the female and assumes no incentive for this type of investment.
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By D.Roche.

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