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Les 3 nornes

Yggdrasil or “Yggdrasil” World Tree “- Part 2/2

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Les 3 norns

Going back to the fountain, it is supposed to contain the source of all wisdom. It is guarded by a giant, and is home to the head of the god Mímir who holds the secrets of the universe. The third comes from the root of Urd well (Urdarbrunn) in Asgard, which is well guarded by three Norns. These are giant that are similar to those that govern the fate of all the inhabitants of the nine worlds of Norse cosmology. Indeed, they are often portrayed in the guise of spinners destinies.”

It is said that these three Norns Yggdrasil so watered with water from this source. The old and very wise, fears the gods witches because weaving destiny, to which even the gods are subject. So the Norns live under the protection of the great Yggdrasil, the world tree in the center of the cosmos, where they carve the destiny of every child.

Thus, they engrave on the fate of the wood (on sticks after some translations). It is generally assumed that they use for the alphabet of runes. So everything is predefined if one believes the Norns: even the gods have their own destiny, although they do not leave the spot. The strong opinion of the gods, on the fact that a power exists outside their control and the implications thereof (they are deadly too).

Yggdrasil World Tree” is also according to legend; host of other characters from which we find an eagle named Hraesvelg, which is perched in its branches, and a hawk called Vedrfölnir, which is perched between his eyes. Heidrun, a goat, lives near the top of the tree and eats its leaves. Eikthyrnir is also a deer browse on twigs and the horns dripping water falling in Hvergelmir.

Finally, it is squirrel Ratatosk who runs constantly in the tree, which continues to drive a wedge between Nidhogg, the dragon and Hraesvelg, eagle.

Norse legends tell us and what is remaining hanging from a branch of Yggdrasil World Tree” pierced with a spear, for nine days and nine nights Odin discovered the meaning of runes. But who is Odin?We discover that while Odin is the link to the origins of the secret language of runes in our next article.

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