Yilian All Saints

Can we combine a Chopin nocturne with songs addressed to the gods of Africa during a ceremony Santeria? Impose his bow shock treatment and vibrate in unison with a battery of Afro-Cuban drums?

Yes, says the singer and violinist Havana Yilian Canizares, if the expertise comes from experience, as she explains:

At the age of seven, I studied the violin. Then I needed a more intense communication, trance and I wanted to deepen this experience by attending the ceremonies of Santeria in Cuba, where the cults are mixed daily. I identified with the Yoruba spirituality, which has become for me a source of inspiration. “

Based in Switzerland to complete his classical studies, the young woman founds Ochumare-called Yoruba deity of the rainbow, in 2008 and published in April 2013 debut album of the same name.

Latin jazz, with recollections of Chucho Valdés and suggestions of Omar Sosa.

Which opens with the commanding voice of the vocalist, dark, powerful and sensual, in Aso Karo Luwe a mantra dedicated to the gods of his adolescence.

Yilian Canizares and Ochumare in concert on June 8 in the Mixed Music Festival in Colmar (France)

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